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Drop in Chrome’s market share: due to Google’s penalty?

Google Chrome dropped 0.17% in January after 17 consecutive months of gains in market share. Why? The company that tracks browser market share suggests that it’s due to Google’s penalizing Chrome after its messed up, sponsored blog post campaign. Net Applications, the company that released these figures, says it tracks about 160 million unique visits

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Google Chrome soon to overtake Firefox’s No.2 position?

According to StatCounter, an Irish Analytics company, Google Chrome is gaining momentum and may overtake Mozilla Firefox’s No. 2 market share spot as early as December. StatCounter’s data notes that Microsoft’s No.1 Internet Explorer and Firefox have been losing market shares since January, and Google Chrome is picking up most of those customers. Chrome has

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Google Voice

The conflict between Google, Apple and AT&T about Google Voice remains unresolved, the app for calling service from Google is still not available on the iPhone. However, as it was announced few weeks ago by Vic Gundotra, Google brings Google Voice to the iPhone “one way or the other!” Mr. Paquet , senior product manager

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IE6’s Decline Celebrated by One and All

Seemingly everyone, including web developers, designers and users, are hailing the decline of Internet Explorer 6 ? and that includes Microsoft, the company that released it over 10 years ago. At the website Microsoft launched recently to track the browser’s use, or lack of, the company wrote: “This website is dedicated to watching Internet Explorer

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Chrome’s second anniversary

Chrome’s first beta launch for Windows took place two years ago. As Google Blog inform – in August 2008, JavaScript was 10 times slower, HTML5 support wasn?t yet an essential feature in browsers, and the idea of a sandboxed, multi-process browser was only a research project. Chrome just like all browsers have come a long

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Firefox 4 Beta 1

Firefox 4 Beta 1 for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux is available to download. This version even if still under beta testing is mostly stable enough for regular use. The biggest improvements between Firefox 3 the newest one is speed. Firefox 4 supports also CSS 3 and HTML5, it has also better protection against

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Use of IE6 drops, Chrome rises

Internet Explorer 6 has dropped to less than 5% browser market share in the US. Chrome, Google’s browser share grew last month. To learn more visit the newest reports about Search Engine Market Share and Browser Market Share.

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Google Chrome 5

Google Chrome 5 for Windows users is just a minor update, the big news is Chrome 5 is finally available for Mac OS X and Linux.

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Firefox is Coming to the iPhone

Firefox team has been working on an application for the iPhone. The app is called Firefox Home. Firefox Home gives iPhone users access to their Firefox browsing history, bookmarks and the set of tabs from their most recent browser session. There is also a bar that enables users to get to their favorite web sites

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New feature for Gmail – drag images into emails

Google launched a new feature for Gmail that allows you to drag images from a computer into a message. You simply drag the image in, resize it, and send an email. Currently, the feature only works in one browser – Google Chrome, a support for other browsers will come soon.

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