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Starbucks introduces mobile payment for customers

Starbucks is introducing its Starbucks Card mobile application across the country. It enables customers to start the app, hold up a barcode on the screen to a scanner in the store, which then automatically deducts money from the customer’s Starbucks Card account in exchange for his or her favorite beverage. The application supports the iPhone,

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Apple’s Second Quarter Profit

Apple reported a 90 percent increase in profits for the quarter ended on March 27. During the quarter worldwide iPhone shipments was 8.75 million (it is an increase of 131 percent compared to first quarter 2009), Mac computer unit shipments worldwide was 2.94 million (it is an increase of 33 percent compared to the first

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Confusing name of iPad tablet

Apple is facing a lot of troubles after the iPad announcement on Wednesday. Many people are saying the name iPad is too much associate with feminine hygiene products (“iTampon” became one of the most popular trending topics on Twitter). Natives from Boston to Ireland complain that iPad and iPod (Apple’s music player) in their regional

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Apple shows a big profit

The newest report from Apple shows a big profit for the quarter ended December 26. The income jumped more than 40 percent ($3.38 billion) up from $2.26 billion a year earlier. Revenue rose from $11.88 billion to $15.68 billion in the same quarter last year. Apple announced that the company sold 3.36 million Macs in

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