Which CMS should I use for my website?

There are a variety of Content Management Systems on the market, and after many years working in this business and developing websites, We have come up with a list of CMS winners:

1. Blog, Magazine, Small or Medium sized informational business websites

Definitely WordPress! You should not even think about this twice. WordPress is a very cost effective solution, and you can either buy a template and customize it or hire a web developer to create a custom template for you.

  • Most developers know WordPress, so you can easily find a new developer to help with your site.
  • WordPress plugins are available to do just about everything, which makes expanding the site and adding functionality easy.
  • The WordPress admin panel is very user friendly.

2. Ecommerce site

If you have less than 10 products, no more than a few thousand customers, a limited budget and are not planning to expand within the next 2 years, use WordPress with a WooCommerce plugin.

Otherwise, if you have a lot of products, a huge audience and a bigger budget, go with Magento, or our second choice, OpenCart. Both require a powerful VPS hosting solution to run smoothly, and these ecommerce tools come with all the eStore features you can imagine.

  • Magento has a huge online community of followers.
  • Magento comes with one of the most user friendly admin panels available for store owners.
  • Magento has just about any feature you may need, and plenty of plugins to extend functionality.
  • Developing magento can be expensive, and you should hire an experienced developer to handle this platform. While adding new functionality and creating custom extensions is not cheap, if you run a serious business the investment is well worth it.

3. Custom built site

If you are building a non-standard site, you will probably need custom code. Instead of CMS, go with a framework or pure object oriented code written from scratch. We suggest PHP, currently the most popular language among freelancers and web design studios.