Magento Community vs. Magento Enterprise Edition

magento-development-servicesMagento software for ecommerce websites is available in two versions: Magento Community and Magento Enterprise. Both products are built with the same core code, with the main difference being the level and types of support available.

Magento began as open source software and Magento Community follows in this tradition, as a free product to download and install. Support is available through online community forums and third party vendors. While Magento Community software is free, you still need a web developer knowledgeable with the product and features.

Magento Enterprise is a full featured, enterprise class eCommerce solution. The Enterprise version includes advanced features and comes with the support of the Magento team through Service Level Agreements. If you need deep customization and a higher level of support, the Enterprise edition may be right for you.

Royal Deer Design typically recommends Magento Community for our clients, as this gives us full control over the platform while we provide customized solutions to meet our client’s needs

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