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Starting an online store

How much of your recent shopping have you done online? Does this have your brain churning with entrepreneurial ideas? It should. Consider the following statistics: 186: amount (in billions) spent in 2010 online transactions 81: percentage of Internet users who research a product online 26: percent of people on the Internet who have used online

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Nothing says SOLD! like free shipping

Picture yourself browsing the Internet, shopping for that perfect gift. As you compare prices, one stands out: ‘Free Shipping on orders of [insert price] or more!’ Your brain starts spinning as you think So, if I order that whirlygig for myself, that will get my order total up to the free shipping cutoff. Sound familiar?

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Is your website ready for holiday shoppers?

With the holiday shopping season quickly approaching, take a moment to consider the readiness of your website. Is your site in tip-top shape? Is it ready to handle the increased traffic and larger sale volumes? Have you taken the time to consider how your visitors’ interests might have changed to reflect the needs of the

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eCommerce Advice: The Value of Variety

At work or home, the Theory of Planned Behavior states that you are more likely to engage in a task if you have a choice within the selection. Do I start the laundry first or make dinner? Given choices, you are more likely to participate. The same holds true in the retail market. One study

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Next eCommerce went OnLine!

Website in OnLine! It is a website about hearing aids with an eCommerce module. Right now, we are working on SEO services for this website. To read more about this project visit our portfolio. It is the website created for a company which provides hearing aids. The website has a clean design and user

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