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Congratulations to our client – Galxyz App Released for iPad

Royal Deer Design congratulates Osman Rashid and his team on the release of the iPad app of the interactive and educational science game, Galxyz: Galxyz (pronounced: galaxies) is an intergalactic, scientific adventure that takes kids across the galaxies as they unlock curiosity particles in their quest to battle the evil King Dullard. The game

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The official launch of the new BDA Partners website

Royal Deer Design is pleased to announce the official launch of the new BDA Partners website. Working closely with BDA Partners to ensure a smooth transition, Royal Deer Design helped to design the new website and branding with updated colors, logos and a new URL. The website and branding relaunch coincide with the company’s name

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One of the reasons I love running a web design studio in NYC is that I have the opportunity to work with extraordinary people, and sometimes I am lucky enough to work with legends. At Royal Deer Design we have the pleasure of working with Dan Smith, who as you may know, can teach you

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Now officially – LLC

We are very proud to add LLC to the end of our name! :) Our Public Notice in  The West Sider: And an another one in NY Law Journal:

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Small Business Web Design Mistakes

The marketing and branding of a small business website is vital.  The product or service you are selling on your website needs to be ideal so any visitor can get all of their questions answered correctly.  Having the wrong design or not having a website that is user-friendly could mean the loss of thousands of

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The Trend-Setting Flat UI

The digital world is already familiar with flat design. It was not until the mid 2000’s that flat design (also known as Metro design) started be used in web design. Flat design’s goal was to achieve simplification and rely more on typography, instead of relying on graphics.

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The Art of Minimalist Web Design

Reducing the design of a website can achieve minimalism, and make the website become nothing more than the barest elements.  However, doing this difficult task can also be intimidating and for some very hard to master.

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Royal Deer Design Is Officially Accepted To

Royal Deer Design is thrilled to announce being accepted to Why is being added to matchist such a big deal? Matchist is a sophisticated version of an eLance type of site that connects companies with top U.S. based developers and development shops. Developers on matchist go through a strict elimination process with the acceptance

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