Congratulations to our client – Galxyz App Released for iPad

Royal Deer Design congratulates Osman Rashid and his team on the release of the iPad app of the interactive and educational science game, Galxyz:

Galxyz (pronounced: galaxies) is an intergalactic, scientific adventure that takes kids across the galaxies as they unlock curiosity particles in their quest to battle the evil King Dullard. The game is designed for grades three through twelve, and the players learn scientific concepts – such as gravity – as they advance through the various levels, while also developing their problem solving, collaboration and creativity skills.

Galxyz is the brainchild of Osman Rashid, whose previous startups include Chegg, a textbook rental service, and the educational software platform Kno. Backing the Galxyz venture is Relay Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz and Emerson Collective.

Royal Deer Design is proud to be working with Osman Rashid, providing web design and web development support: