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How to Make Your Marketing Emails a Success

For businesses there can be a very fine line between sending a great marketing email that will heighten your reputation and sending one that will deter customers. This time of year especially consumers are flooded with marketing emails (many often considered spam mail). So what will help your email stand out and lead to a

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ACH Payment 5535134 Canceled – ACH Payment Canceled Malware Email

If by any chance you receive an email from an address such as ach.01[at]nacha.org and with a subject line “ACH Payment 5535134 Canceled,” be aware this email contains a virus. This email is obviously not from the ACH and it is an attempt by Internet criminals to trick internet users into opening the attached file

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Affordable advertising for small business

With average costs of advertising at 1-5% of gross sales, it’s easy to see how these costs can vary depending on locations, local rates, and type of industry. In order to achieve top results for your advertising dollar, you need to utilize some creative techniques. Many small businesses make the mistake of, “Whatever is left

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The death of e-mail?

Because of real time messaging, live chats, texting and Facebook (four billion messages daily) we send less e-mails than few years ago. According to data from comScore, the number of visitors using major e-mail sites like Yahoo and Hotmail is in steady decline. The only winner in that category is Gmail. Amount of Gmail users

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30 seconds for Undo Send in Gmail

On March 19, 2009 Gmail introduced an option Undo Send which held your message for five seconds so you have a chance to hit the button which stops process of sending an email and takes you right back to compose. Google constantly adds new periods: 10 seconds, 20 seconds and now 30 seconds.

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New feature for Gmail – drag images into emails

Google launched a new feature for Gmail that allows you to drag images from a computer into a message. You simply drag the image in, resize it, and send an email. Currently, the feature only works in one browser – Google Chrome, a support for other browsers will come soon.

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Yahoo E-Mail Accounts Hacked in China

The Yahoo e-mail accounts of eight foreign journalists working in Taiwan and China have been hacked. “We have confirmed eight cases in which journalists in China and Taiwan have had their e-mail accounts hacked in recent weeks, with several accounts disabled by Yahoo on March 25,” the Foreign Correspondent’s Club of China.

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