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IE6’s Decline Celebrated by One and All

Seemingly everyone, including web developers, designers and users, are hailing the decline of Internet Explorer 6 ? and that includes Microsoft, the company that released it over 10 years ago. At the website Microsoft launched recently to track the browser’s use, or lack of, the company wrote: “This website is dedicated to watching Internet Explorer

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Facebook’s Chat will not work with IE6

Starting next month (September 15) Facebook’s chat will no longer be supported on Internet Explorer 6. Facebook will improve chat performance and add new functionalities which are not supported on older browsers like IE6. According to the newest data from netmarketshare.com, IE6 is the second most popular browser, with 16.97 percent of global market share.

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Use of IE6 drops, Chrome rises

Internet Explorer 6 has dropped to less than 5% browser market share in the US. Chrome, Google’s browser share grew last month. To learn more visit the newest reports about Search Engine Market Share and Browser Market Share.

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