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New York Times TV

Internet overtakes print in news , so print media switch to Internet and try to provide not only text but also multimedia. New York Times made a next big step toward this trend and it is offering a TimesCast. It is a daily video news program about the top stories The Times is following. It

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World’s Fastest Graphene Transistor from IBM

IBM has created a graphene-based processor. It can execute 100 billion cycles per second (100GHz). It is four times the speed of previous experimental graphene chips. “That makes graphene a promising material for high-speed or high-frequency electronic components,” Lin (the IBM researcher who led the work) said.

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We can pay for news online

48 percent of Internet users in the United States said in the survey (done by Boston Consulting Group) that they are open to pay for access to news online (including on mobile devices). The same survey made in several Western European countries shows that more than 60 percent of Internet users in Europe would pay.

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