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Last week hot stories: Steve Jobs, Facebook games and Intel

Steve Jobs to receive award posthumously, Most Popular Games of 2011 and New Mobile Chips for Intel. Steve Jobs to receive award posthumously On February 11, 2012, The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences will honor Steve Jobs for his ingenuity. The Grammy Award posthumously honors Jobs for helping to “create products and technology

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President Obama Meets with Technology’s Major Players

Following President Obama’s statement that he wants to encourage American businesses to invest more money in innovation, venture capitalist John Doerr hosted a meeting in California Thursday with technology’s major players, including Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Google chief executive Eric Schmidt, Apple’s chief executive Steve Jobs, despite media reports that his health had taken a

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Adobe against Flash

Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple) in his statement “Thoughts on Flash” laid out reasons for excluding Flash from Apple’s devices. Some of reasons are: Flash animations use too much of battery, low security, and questionable functionality on touch-screen devices.

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