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An official Tweet Button

Right now in order to have retweet button counting how many times a post has been tweeted we have to use services like Tweetmeme and Retweet.com. Not any longer, within few days Tweeter is going to release an official Tweet Button for sharing articles on the web.

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20 billion tweets and counting

On Saturday Twitter user sends world’s 20 billionth tweet. It took four years for Tweeter to reach its 10 billionth tweet (in March 2010), then about five months to double it.

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2 billion tweets in May

On February 2010, Tweeter were generated 50 million tweets a day (it is 600 tweets per second). Now in May 2010, Tweeter reached 2 billion tweets per month. Some statistics of Twitter for May 2010: – 64 million tweets per day. – 2.7 million tweets per hour. – 44,481 tweets per minute. – 741 tweets

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We are a Social Networking Nation!

According to The Nielsen Company, global consumers spend more than five and half hours on social networking sites (like Facebook and Twitter) in December 2009. It is 82% more time than we did a year earlier, when users were spending over three hours a day .

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