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Search Engine Market Share is changing, so SEO

Since Google dominates the search market, many SEO experts stopped optimizing their sites for other engines. That can change when the Bing-Yahoo integration happens. It can happen that Bing will get up to 30 percent of the search engine market. Based on current search market share statistics, if Microsoft’s Bing search technology starts generating results

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2 billion tweets in May

On February 2010, Tweeter were generated 50 million tweets a day (it is 600 tweets per second). Now in May 2010, Tweeter reached 2 billion tweets per month. Some statistics of Twitter for May 2010: – 64 million tweets per day. – 2.7 million tweets per hour. – 44,481 tweets per minute. – 741 tweets

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Quality of Wikipedia

Researchers from Thomas Jefferson University checked the accuracy of information on the popular open-source encyclopedia Wikipedia with that on the National Cancer Institute’s Physician Data Query. PDQ is a professional database that is peer-reviewed and edited. Both sources were fact-checked against textbooks. The final conclusion: Wikipedia is accurate but poorly written. Results shows that Wikipedia

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Facebook is number one in the Top 1000 websites

According to the newest data from Google’s AdPlanner, Facebook is the most-visited destination on the web. Stats show Facebook has 570 billion page views and 540 million users. More info at: www.google.com/adplanner/static/top1000/

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