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In Need of Editors? Wikipedia Is

Wikipedia is well known as the go-to place on the internet for information, but are they in need of more editors to contribute? In 2009, the problem started, and owner Jimmy Wales pushed it aside. There is now a demand for editors for the site, and an impending decline in fresh content. Wikipedia tried to

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Wikipedia set to celebrate 10th birthday this week

As Wikipedia, the online resource for everything from our country’s leaders to Lady Gaga, from history to current events, nears its 10th birthday, its leaders are seeking greater diversity in its editors. Today, the majority of Wikipedia editors are male, well educated, and in their twenties, according to Jimmy Wales, the site’s founder. Wikipedia plans

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Spoilers in Wikipedia

We can find in today’s New York Times a story which tries to investigate if Wikipedia should be more careful with summaries of movies, plays and books, in order to avoid spoilers. An example of a play struggling with this issue is Agatha Christie play “The Mousetrap.” The play’s twist ending has been preserved by

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Quality of Wikipedia

Researchers from Thomas Jefferson University checked the accuracy of information on the popular open-source encyclopedia Wikipedia with that on the National Cancer Institute’s Physician Data Query. PDQ is a professional database that is peer-reviewed and edited. Both sources were fact-checked against textbooks. The final conclusion: Wikipedia is accurate but poorly written. Results shows that Wikipedia

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Video on Wikipedia

There is a new project from Open Video Alliance (openvideoalliance.org) which encourages users to add videos to Wikipedia. “The actual fact is that we’re just getting started,” Michael Dale from corp.kaltura.com pointed out. “There’s not a clear idea of how video will work and be used.” You can read more at videoonwikipedia.org.

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Most popular websites in Internet

Web analytics firm Compete released data for the top 50 websites in the U.S. Most shopping sites recorded a large drop in unique visitors since December 2009, tax services and travel sites are seeing very high growth rates. A complete list of top 50 websites you can find here. Below a list of top 10

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131,383 page hits per day

How many visitors per day has your website? Compare your number to Wikipedia, which has more than 131,000. It is about 4 000 000 visitors per month! Your number is much more smaller, isn’t it? Contact us, we provide SEO services, we can help! :)

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