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YouTube and IGN Broadcast E3

E3 (the annual and the biggest video game conference and show which take place at the Los Angeles Convention center) will be available to watch it live, thanks to a live stream that’s being broadcast through a partnership between YouTube and gaming portal IGN. Gamers around the world through YouTube will be able to see

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Video Rental Store from YouTube

YouTube has begun offering movies and TV episodes for rental at youtube.com/store. Rentals are available mostly between 99 cents and $3.99.

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Google shuts China Website

The Chinese Government refused to allow access to websites like Facebook, YouTube and Blogger. Then relations between Google and China have become more stressed because of Chinese hacker attacks on the search engine. Today, Google has finally stopped all censorship on Google.cn by redirecting users to Google.com.hk (Google Hong Kong). Source: googleblog.blogspot.com/….

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Most popular websites in Internet

Web analytics firm Compete released data for the top 50 websites in the U.S. Most shopping sites recorded a large drop in unique visitors since December 2009, tax services and travel sites are seeing very high growth rates. A complete list of top 50 websites you can find here. Below a list of top 10

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TV is old-school

The Buggles were singing “Video Killed the Radio Star”, soon we can hear that “Internet Killed the TV Star.” According to the article from New York Times, website YouTube is 10 times more popular than any of its competitor. An author of the article suggests that the competition is not other websites anymore, but it

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Great comedian from NYC has a brand new website

Website created by our team for Becky Donohue has been launched. You can see this project live here www.beckydonohue.com The website has sophisticated control panel (CMS) which allows Becky to maintain content on her website.

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