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One of the reasons I love running a web design studio in NYC is that I have the opportunity to work with extraordinary people, and sometimes I am lucky enough to work with legends. At Royal Deer Design we have the pleasure of working with Dan Smith, who as you may know, can teach you

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Kickstarter Simplifies Checkout with New Payment Service

Kickstarter forever changed the way we think about raising money. Starting this month, Kickstarter is changing payment vendors, saying goodbye to Amazon Payments and opting to go with Stripe as their new payment processing service. Per the Kickstarter blog, Amazon discontinued the payment processing product being used, and Kickstarter reviewed other payment processing options before

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Don’t Just Hide Your WordPress Site – Secure it As Well

If you are looking for a 100% secure, totally safe and completely hack-proof website, you only have one option – disconnect from the web. As long as you remain online and connected to a network with at least one other computer, you are vulnerable. 30,000 websites are hacked every day, with the costs to businesses

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How to Supercharge Your Online Holiday Sales

The music, the lights, the food and the shopping! As the song says, the holiday season is “…the most wonderful time of year”. For

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Small and Medium Businesses Ready to Disrupt the eCommerce Marketplace

Twenty years have passed since the first online shopping transaction was processed. Some claim this purchase was a Pizza Hut pizza, while others say it was Sting’s 10 Summoner’s Tales CD, but whatever it was, the internet would never be the same. Over the next eighteen years, what started out as a single small transaction

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Navigation, Design and SEO

Web design choices not only impact the look and feel of your site – and ultimately help to define your brand – they also impact search engine optimization and how many people find you online. Content, design and development are components which make a difference in your online presence and should be considered throughout your

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The Results Are In – Video Boosts Sales

If there is one item you want to include in your online ecommerce site this holiday season, it is video. A recent report by video commerce solution provider Invodo has the data to prove what many have known, video boosts sales. Video engages online shoppers and has a direct influence on buying decisions. But don’t

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Supercharge Your Ecommerce Site with SMS

Text messaging is moving beyond a way stay in touch with family and friends and quickly becoming an important client engagement tool for business. SMS has become the leading application in use today and this trend will only continue. The good news for retailers using the Magento ecommerce platform, is the growth of SMS enabling

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Does Your Website Need to be ADA Compliant?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 ensures people with disabilities have full and equal access to employment, public services, public accommodations and telecommunications. When the ADA was passed the internet as we know it did not yet exist. The law is now catching up with technology and changes are coming which affect public

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Speed Up Your WordPress with WP Super Cache

Just a short post in which we would like to share some stats from how using WP Super Cache plugin can speed up your WordPress site.

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