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Google Changes Search Algorithm, Mobile-Friendly Sites Get Priority

If you need any proof that mobile is the way of the future, look no further than Google’s mobile-friendly update to search algorithms. With this new release, mobile-friendly sites will be given higher priority and rankings than their non-mobile-friendly counterparts. According to Google, “…we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal.

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The Five Improvements Your Website Needs to meet 2015 standards

People notice change, and if your website has been stagnant for the past few years, it’s time for an update. Here are five simple tips that will improve and refresh your website, giving you a new look for the new year! Use Powerful Images We’ve all heard a picture is worth a thousand words, and

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Navigation, Design and SEO

Web design choices not only impact the look and feel of your site – and ultimately help to define your brand – they also impact search engine optimization and how many people find you online. Content, design and development are components which make a difference in your online presence and should be considered throughout your

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Google Algorithm Updates Notifications in Webmaster Tools

It looks like Google started announcing its algorithm updates with a nice information in Webmaster Tools. Does it mean no more speculations and needed?

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Google’s Penguin 5

Google recently released its new version of Penguin 2.1 on October 4, 2013. This release would make it the 5th release of Penguin. What does all of this information mean? 1% of the searches will be impacted. The interesting part about all of the Penguin updates is all of the previous releases of Penguin prior

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Youtube Can Help With Your SEO Too!

Youtube is famous for being the website to go check out free videos for almost anything.  Most people do not realize that Youtube can also be a SEO force that will really help promote your business or website if you follow ten tips that truly will get you further in your marketing and promotion.

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Increasing Smart Phone And Tablet Traffic

Monetate, a leader in marketing and website optimization solutions provider recently released a report about social commerce trends. US Military and online shoppers are showing a very strong usage of mobile devices, rather than social media on the Internet.

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The Top 5 Reasons Why WordPress Is The Best Option When Building A Website

WordPress is widely popular for blogging purposes, but many people do not know that WordPress is also one of the most solid website building platforms used. WordPress is responsible for powering huge websites such as CNN, Radaronline and People Magazine.

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What Are The Causes Of A Decrease In Search Traffic? – PUBLISHED ON LINKEDIN

You might have recently noticed a decline in search traffic to your website over a period of time. Even though you have not done any recent changes to the way you publish your content on your site or the way you handle all of your search engine optimization, the numbers continue to drop. It is

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Using YouTube as a web marketing tool: Generate leads for your business

When people find your business because they are searching for your product or service, the ability to make a sale or recruit members is much easier. If you have a small business, you know the importance of gaining these targeted leads. Where is the best place to find targeted leads? The Internet, of course. Search

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