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Upgrading your web browser: Why you should act now

No matter the browser you choose to use, chances are you’ve been prompted to upgrade to the latest version. Have you ignored that pop-up window? Have you been thinking, not now, maybe later? Most Internet users do just that. Whether you prefer Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, or SeaMonkey, this article

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71% of Internet users have latest version of their browsers

Good news for web developers and HTML5. According to the newest data from Pingdom and StatCounter, majority of Internet users (71%) run the latest official versions of their browser. What does it mean? Web developers should more likely implement HTML5 into web projects. With that environment, the new standard is going to flourish and new

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Internet Explorer Drops Worldwide

According to the StatCounter, Internet Explorer drops below 50% market share. It is very surprising, a new version of the browser IE9 had an impressive debut last month. StatCounter Global Stats shows that the family of Internet Explorer browsers has below 50% of the market, down from about 60% a year ago. This is a

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Facebook’s Chat will not work with IE6

Starting next month (September 15) Facebook’s chat will no longer be supported on Internet Explorer 6. Facebook will improve chat performance and add new functionalities which are not supported on older browsers like IE6. According to the newest data from netmarketshare.com, IE6 is the second most popular browser, with 16.97 percent of global market share.

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Internet Explorer gains browser market share – July 2010

Last month IE and Safari get more fans, while other browsers lost users. According to the newest data browser version market share looks as follow: Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 – 26.87% Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 – 16.97% Firefox 3.6 – 16.15% Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 – 11.43% Chrome 5.0 – 6.48%

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Firefox 4 Beta 1

Firefox 4 Beta 1 for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux is available to download. This version even if still under beta testing is mostly stable enough for regular use. The biggest improvements between Firefox 3 the newest one is speed. Firefox 4 supports also CSS 3 and HTML5, it has also better protection against

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Browser Market Share June 2010

Browser Market Share for June 2010 shows that Firefox and Opera don’t change their position, Safari and Chrome are slowly moving up. The biggest news is that Internet Explorer gained market share. Bad news for Web developers – actually even Internet Explorer 6 gained market share this month. Internet Explorer, Microsoft’s browser is used by

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Chrome more popular than Safari

A web analytics company Statcounter announced a press release with a study which shows that Google’s Chrome is the third most used browser in the United States. During a study the company considered 874 million page views from the network of over three million websites. Out of this number Chrome had a market share of

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Google Gmail and HTML5

According to Adam de Boor (a staff software engineer from Google) many upcoming features of the Gmail will be rendered in HTML5. De Boor said that Gmail with HTML5 will be much more efficient. Early tests have proved promising. Google has found that using CSS3 can speed the rendering time by 12 percent. HTML5 allows

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Web Developer’s Journal: CSS Reset

Web designers and web designers around the world are struggling with a cross-browser compatibility. To make web development process easier, experts have created something called CSS Reset. CSS reset is implemented in order to normalize most of the margin and padding-related differences across different browsers. This is a starting point for each HTML/CSS job. An

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