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Yahoo E-Mail Accounts Hacked in China

The Yahoo e-mail accounts of eight foreign journalists working in Taiwan and China have been hacked. “We have confirmed eight cases in which journalists in China and Taiwan have had their e-mail accounts hacked in recent weeks, with several accounts disabled by Yahoo on March 25,” the Foreign Correspondent’s Club of China.

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Profit and sales of Best Buy

The electronics retailer the Best Buy Company categorically gained market share after the bankruptcy of Circuit City. A big demand for notebook computers, mobile phones and flat-screen televisions helped Best Buy to gain stronger-than-expected earnings. Best Buy plans even to open more than 50 new large and more than 75 small stores in the United

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GoDaddy will stop registering .cn (China) domains

The reason of this decision is that the Chinese government wants all registrars provide photo identification, business identification and physically signed registration for all .cn (China) domains registered through GoDaddy.com. Christine Jones, executive vice president from GoDaddy Groups said – “We have 40 million domain names under management. We’ve done this a lot. This is

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Google shuts China Website

The Chinese Government refused to allow access to websites like Facebook, YouTube and Blogger. Then relations between Google and China have become more stressed because of Chinese hacker attacks on the search engine. Today, Google has finally stopped all censorship on Google.cn by redirecting users to Google.com.hk (Google Hong Kong). Source: googleblog.blogspot.com/….

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No Google in China

This news is not a surprise, everybody were expecting this after a series of cyber-attacks from China. Google has drawn up a plans for the closure of its Chinese search engine. Google is now 99.9% certain to go ahead, even though Google has taken 30 per cent of the Chinese search market.

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