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Navigation, Design and SEO

Web design choices not only impact the look and feel of your site – and ultimately help to define your brand – they also impact search engine optimization and how many people find you online. Content, design and development are components which make a difference in your online presence and should be considered throughout your

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Quality logo design: 5 essential components

Coca-Cola has the scripted font, McDonald’s has the golden arches, and Apple? well, an apple. A logo is fundamental to marketing your business. But, logo design is not something to be taken lightly. In fact, logos are multifaceted in their interaction to the consumer. For example, Coca-Cola’s scripted logo gives the familiarity of hand-written words

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Royal Deer Design goes live with site for clothing design industry, smartstyleshops.com

Royal Deer Design, a web design company based in New York City, recently unveiled its latest techno- savvy website, www.smartstyleshops.com. The team at Royal Deer Design created the site for the highly successful media and fashion industry executive, Rahel Cete. The site, which has a custom design and functionality, features a custom CMS control panel

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Flash Player in Google Chrome

While HTML5 is killing Flash, Google decided to help this technology to survive. The Flash Player will be included in downloads of Chrome browser. Paul Betlem from Adobe in his blog post said “Moving forward, Google will be including Flash Player in Chrome so users will always have the most current release and a safer

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