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Rich text signatures in Gmail

Gmail added very important improvement to its service, one of the most wanted by its users. We can now add logos to our email signature and format the text as we want. Gmail used to support plain text signatures, now we are able to add company logos, fancy formatting, website and email links etc. However,

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Google Gmail and HTML5

According to Adam de Boor (a staff software engineer from Google) many upcoming features of the Gmail will be rendered in HTML5. De Boor said that Gmail with HTML5 will be much more efficient. Early tests have proved promising. Google has found that using CSS3 can speed the rendering time by 12 percent. HTML5 allows

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New feature for Gmail – drag images into emails

Google launched a new feature for Gmail that allows you to drag images from a computer into a message. You simply drag the image in, resize it, and send an email. Currently, the feature only works in one browser – Google Chrome, a support for other browsers will come soon.

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New Gmail widget – Nested Labels

Gmail labs is launching a new widget – Nested Labels. Everybody who use labels in Gmail should be excited about this new feature. Nested Labels allows users to manage their emails by sorting them into a hierarchy of labels. Personally, I am using labels to organize messages related to particular projects, and a system of

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File Transfer for Gmail Chat – Coming Soon

Google announced a useful update to the chat feature in iGoogle and Orkut. Chat in Gmail already has video and voice chat, so file transfer feature will be a great additional. Right now in order to share files with somebody you either have to email them the file or use a compatible instant messaging client

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More secure Gmail

Few Gmail accounts had been accessed via 3rd parties as a result of a cyber attack from China. Just after the attack Google decided to set up default https access for all Gmail users. For more information go to Gmail Blog.

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I like gmail

Do you use Gmail? You can send now mails from another address without “on behalf of”. To read more visit gmailblog.blogspot.com.

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