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Yelp And Google Flooded With Fake Reviews

Millions of people around the world rely on reviews before making a purchase.  Reviews range from a small coffee shop to business’s where large amounts of money are spent.  The bad thing about reading reviews is the possibility you might be reading a review that is not only fake, but the person writing the review

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Hurricane Sandy’s Effect on the Digital World

The week of October 29, 2012 brought Hurricane Sandy and with it came tremendous devastation and destruction for millions leaving floods, fires, and power outages in its path. After the storm passed, it was reported that 1/4 of cable, Internet, and wireless providers were still not operating at full capacity, or at all. In the

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Access to technology: easier on the wallet, but can everyone cash in?

Encouraging statistics. The world is becoming more connected (technologically speaking), and trends show we’re paying less for it. High- speed Internet prices have dropped globally more than 50%, and entry-level information and communication technology (ICT) services have seen an average of 18% cost decline compared to 2009 data. ITU released new figures recently showing that

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Google represents 6.4% of all Internet traffic

According to the newest data from a network security firm Arbor Networks “Google now represents an average 6.4% of all Internet traffic around the world.”. It includes all websites owned by Google: Google.com, YouTube.com, GMail, Google Maps, Google Docs etc.

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What is the standard width for a website now?

Because of improvements in technology and human behaviors web standards change. While, even few years ago the standard width of a website was 800px, nowadays it seems to be not enough pixels in a horizontal direction to show nicely content on the web. The standard width is driven by a size of screens used by

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2 billion Internet users by the end of this year

According to a report from the International Telecommunication Union, we can expect 2 billion Web users by the end of this year. One of the hard data shows that 65 percent of Europeans are on the internet, while less than 10 percent of Africans use Web. That is going to be improved. The biggest grow

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8% Americans regularly use Twitter

A new study from Pew Research Center shows that 8 percent of Americans who are active on the Internet regularly use Twitter. The research also shows that 74 percent of American adults actively use the Internet.

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HTML5 still under development

HTML5 is the future of web development. Figures like Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Google CEO Eric Schmidt promote the standard and make it trendy. Many web developers already started creating websites with features provided by HTML5. However, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the official standards organization of the Web, declares that it is

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Symantec Virtual Meeting for stockholders

Symantec is the first Fortune 500 Corporation which organized its annual meeting for stockholders only in a virtual version. However, there are many complains about this gathering. There were plenty of complains about the meeting hosted by Symantec. They used only voice communication without a video transmission, few directors from the company didn’t attend the

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20 billion tweets and counting

On Saturday Twitter user sends world’s 20 billionth tweet. It took four years for Tweeter to reach its 10 billionth tweet (in March 2010), then about five months to double it.

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