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Steve Wozniak about iPhone and Android

Steve Wozniak (Apple co-founder) in an interview with the Dutch-language De Telegraaf newspaper (in The Netherlands) said that even if iPhone “Has very few weak points” and “There aren’t any real complaints and problems. In terms of quality, the iPhone is leading”, “Android phones have more features,” and this qualified this phone to be in

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Skype App for iPhone Updated

In May, Skype released an iPhone app which allows users to make calls over 3G data connections. Today, Skype introduced a new version of the app. A new Skype App for iPhone allows to make calls with high quality sound, and supports multitasking. It is a great news! You can now receive Skype calls while

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Apple’s Profit Rises

Apple announced that its net income rose 78 percent last quarter. The grow was driven by strong sales of the iPhone, the iPad and the Macintosh computers. Indeed Apple would be selling even more iPhones and iPads, but the company couldn’t keep up with demand. Apple sold nearly 3.3 million iPads, 8.4 million units of

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iPhone 4 will have 512MB of RAM

The original iPhone and iPhone 3G contained 128MB of RAM. The iPhone 3GS has 256MB of RAM. Also, the iPad contains 256MB of RAM. A new iPhone 4 confirmed to have 512MB of RAM, it is twice the iPad and iPhone 3GS. 512MB of RAM will help performance and multi-tasking on the new iPhone 4.

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AT&T Suspended iPhone 4 orders

After one day of taking iPhone 4 pre-orders, AT&T had to suspend new orders to keep up with the demand. AT&T took this Thursday more than 600,000 orders

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iPhone 4 Features

A new next generation Smartphone from Apple, the iPhone 4 has over 100 new features. However among those new elements we can find 7 the most excited aspects of iPhone4. Pricing and Colors. The iPhone 4 will be available in two colors black and white. The 16GB model of iPhone 4 will cost $199 and

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Skype 2.0

The new app Skype 2.0 just landed in the app store. Skype 2.0 for iPhone allows you make calls over 3G. However, there is a catch. After August 2010 Skype will charge a small monthly fee for use of the 3G calling feature. That means even though you already pay AT&T for a data plan,

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Firefox is Coming to the iPhone

Firefox team has been working on an application for the iPhone. The app is called Firefox Home. Firefox Home gives iPhone users access to their Firefox browsing history, bookmarks and the set of tabs from their most recent browser session. There is also a bar that enables users to get to their favorite web sites

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iPhone 4 and video chat

According to a trusted source Apple’s next iPhone will allow a video chat conversation using the new front-facing camera. Apple is already creating adverts about iPhone 4, and at least one ad will feature a mother and daughter talking via video chat with their new iPhones.

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Demand for iPad

According to RBC Capital Markets analyst Mike Abramsky, Apple is selling now more than 200,000 iPads per week. To compare, Apple sells in US about 110k Macs/week and 246k/week of iPhone 3GS. A demand for the device is huge. The 3G iPad is sold out at many Apple stores, also many of Apple stores (about

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