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Browser Market Share June 2010

Browser Market Share for June 2010 shows that Firefox and Opera don’t change their position, Safari and Chrome are slowly moving up. The biggest news is that Internet Explorer gained market share. Bad news for Web developers – actually even Internet Explorer 6 gained market share this month. Internet Explorer, Microsoft’s browser is used by

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Opera Mini Browser as an alternative browser for an iPhone

Opera Software announced that it is submitting its Opera Mini Web browser to Apple Store. One of an interesting feature which Opera will have (and which Safari doesn’t have) is the ability to search the content of a Web page.

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Browsers war on my PC

I have switched from WindowsXP to Windows 7. So far, so good, better that Windows Visa. Anyway, as a web developer I have to have all possible browsers on my computer, so I can check cross browser compatibility for websites I develop. I installed all of them (IE8, Opera, Firefox, Safari, Chrome) and I just

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Opera 10.50

Opera is launching today its newest browser – Opera 10.50 for Windows. Mac and Linux versions will be released soon. You can download Opera 10.50 from here.

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Worldwide browser market share, February 2010

Internet Explorer – 61.58%, Firefox – 24.23%, Chrome – 5.61%, Safari – 4.45%, Opera – 2.35%. Source: arstechnica.com

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Opera 10.50b

Opera has released the newest version of its browser. The company claims it is the fastest-performing browser ever. You can download the latest version of Opera from www.opera.com/browser/next/.

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Opera – there are browsers worse than IE

Few reasons: – problem with displaying images, in some cases images change positions on the website during uploading the content. Finally images go to the proper place but there is some delay in interpretation of css – some input forms with option “upload file” doesn’t work with Opera, I don’t want to go into technical

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