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Strong Passwords: Tips to make and remember them

We all have them. A specific password for our home email, our work email, our bank account, our cable company account, our phone bill online… so many passwords! But which passwords are the best passwords? How can you construct a password that is most likely to protect your identity or business information? This article will

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How to fix security issue with Facebook Pages/Apps

Step by step how to fix “Please Update Your Secure Tab URL” error on Facebook Pages/Apps. The error looks like this: Please Update Your Secure Tab URL To make sure users can view your app over a secure browser connection (https), please visit the developer console to update your Secure Tab URL. Update secure URL

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Intel Buys McAfee

Intel announced that the company had agreed to buy McAfee, it is the computer antivirus software maker. Intel seeks to expand its presence in security services and the company will spend $7.7 billion in cash buying McAfee. McAfee, Inc. is an antivirus software and computer security company headquartered in Santa Clara, California. McAfee markets McAfee

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