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The New Social Networking Phenomenon, Google Plus

Google Plus is something that has been talked about, but never experienced for awhile now. But over the last few months, Google has made their promising social networking site available by invite only. This created a mass scramble for invites, and everyone was looking to get in on “the next facebook”. Now, there are over

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Social Media Doesn’t Drive Most Web Traffic

Most website traffic is impacted very little by social media, according to new research released by ForeSee Results. On average, fewer than 1% of website visits originate directly from a social media URL. This may mean the direct impact of social media is minimal, and that the true value of social media cannot be quantified

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Diaspora will be released on September 15th

An open source social networking side Diaspora (an alternative to Facebook) will go live on September 15th. To learn more visit joindiaspora.com Diaspora – history and plans The group Diaspora was inspired to create Diaspora by a February 5, 2010 speech by Columbia University law professor Eben Moglen to the Internet Society’s New York Chapter,

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600 Tweets Per Second

In 2008 we were creating 5,000 tweets a day, in 2008 it was 300,000 a day, then 35 million last year and today we generate 50 million tweets a day. It is 600 tweets per second. The company claims it excluded spam from the measure. Source: blog.twitter.com

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We are a Social Networking Nation!

According to The Nielsen Company, global consumers spend more than five and half hours on social networking sites (like Facebook and Twitter) in December 2009. It is 82% more time than we did a year earlier, when users were spending over three hours a day .

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Philip Kaplan, now 34, an American entrepreneur and programmer who has founded several Internet companies such as Fucked Company is back with a new project. It calls Blippy, and it is a new social networking website to share with everybody details of our credit card purchases. The ideas is – see what people spend money

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