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Javascript Change Font Size

We are working on a website with a dynamic font size functionality. Do you know that this so useful functionality costs only two lines of code? If you consider the need of people to see larger fonts on your website you can use JavaScript code crated by our web developer. Change Font Size with Javascript

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Web Developer’s Journal: CSS Reset

Web designers and web designers around the world are struggling with a cross-browser compatibility. To make web development process easier, experts have created something called CSS Reset. CSS reset is implemented in order to normalize most of the margin and padding-related differences across different browsers. This is a starting point for each HTML/CSS job. An

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Chrome extensions all web designers and website developers must have

If you are web developer I am sure you user Firefox and its great extensions for web specialists. However, it looks like there is another browser which can make your work more efficient. Chrome – a browser from Google offers many plugging for web developers and some of the are really good! Bellow a list

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Web Developer’s Journal: moving vBulletin forums to another server

Step by step instruction to move vBulletin forums from one server to another. 1. Use FTP or your hosts’ file manager to move all vBulletin files from one server to another. 2. Move database to new hosting. You can create a copy of vBulletin database by using vBulletin control panel for admin. 3. Open up

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