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Windows 8 license sales exceed 40 million

An announcement at the Credit Suisse Annual Tech Conference in late November drew the interest of many in the IT field. Tami Reller, the Chief Marketing and Financial Officer for windows, announced that license sales for MS Windows 8 OS, now at 40 million in one month, is on track to exceed the previous record

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Internet Explorer 9

Few days ago Microsoft introduced their latest version of Internet Explorer 9. According to the Windows Team Blog, there were over 2 million downloads of the IE9 beta in the first two days. IE9 looks very slick and fast, it is running HTML5 code, and provides hardware acceleration. However, IE9 doesn?t run on XP, it

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Dell computers with Chrome OS

Dell Inc., a multinational information technology corporation that develops, sells and supports computers talked with Google over the use of the Chrome operating system on its laptops. Dell already has Android-based smartphones in China, and right now it will be releasing ChromeOS laptops in the near future. It will happen probably during a holiday 2010.

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Operating System Market Share

Microsoft sold more than 60 million copies of Windows 7 by the end of 2009. This quick growth has continued through the first quarter of 2010 and now Windows 7 has 10% market share. Windows XP dropped to 64.46 percent market share, Windows Vista to 16.01 percent, and Windows 7 jumped to 10.23 percent. Mac

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Opera 10.50

Opera is launching today its newest browser – Opera 10.50 for Windows. Mac and Linux versions will be released soon. You can download Opera 10.50 from here.

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