Web Designer’s Journal: Simplicity in Web Design

Recently, Google decided to show on its homepage colorful pictures as a background. Just like Bing does. A negative respond of the Internet was on an enormous scale. I was browsing many sites and I didn’t find any positive comment about a new (stolen from Bing) Google’s idea. What people love about Google is simplicity and clean design.

Clean Web Design We go to Google to find quickly information, not to have fun. That trend is seen also among all websites for any size of business. Nowadays, not too many clients ask for flash and colorful images on their website. Delivering clear message and valuable information on a website for your business is possible only if design is clean and simple. This way you can easily and effectively deliver a message to your customers. Then, with a little bit of bright color focus their attention on elements which make money for you – I am talking about calling to action buttons such as “contact us”, “buy now” etc.

White or very light background with a black font always will look gorgeous. This is also the greatest combination of colors to deliver the best experience with reading on the screen.

You can also take a look at our Web Design portfolio, to see that majority of our work contains simple, clean and light design.