Landing Page Design for

We have just designed a beautiful landing page for our client who sells eyeglasses online. We encourage you not only to view our design, but also take advantage of their promotional deal of a 15% discount and Free Shipping.

Let us analyze a little bit this design, which is located under this address:

Few facts about this landing page:

  • Despite a beautiful design, the site is optimized for a fast loading time and it takes on average, less than 2 seconds to load
  • The page went through few usability and click rate tests before going live
  • Clean look and classy design
  • The page is delivering a clear message to the user, and clearly suggests what to do next

About our client
The website was created by Royal Deer Design, by using ZenCart shopping cart software. is a company that specializes in eyeglasses. As we can read on the splash page ” Owners of this business are two Licensed New York and Arizona Optician, who have been in business for 2 strong years, and collectively have over 20 years of hands on experience. ” We designed a unique look for the website and created many custom ZenCart plugins to meet our client’s needs. The site is highly search optimized, and we also built a high Page Rank for their website,

Splash Page Design.
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