Why A Simplistic Design Is The Best Design


We live in an ever-evolving world where trends are constantly changing and our technological abilities are advancing. When it comes to design it is easy to overwhelm your interface with the newest advancements and design elements in an effort to seem modern and draw attention. However, in a continuously cluttered world it is that much more important that you maintain a simplistic design.

Often times, designs can seem finished simply because a task check list is completed. However, it is only when the consumer or your target is given the optimal experience, which stems from a simplistic design, that you have succeeded. It is easy to overwhelm a market with information, design, and product. It is a challenge, that reaps rewards, to create an interface that is simple, captivating, and serves its purpose in a straightforward manner.

When designing your page make sure to narrow down the essential elements needed. Once you have this listed think of the most visually appealing, yet simplistic, way to convey these elements to your target. The target is busy and doesn’t want to waste time searching through your complicated design for what to do. They want to visit your site, have their goal, know how to reach that goal, do it, and move on. Ensure that you make this possible.

Don’t believe a simple design is key?


Think about some of the most popular, highly esteemed interfaces out there today. Now, think of their design. One thing is certain almost all of the sites that experience the highest traffic on the Internet to date are built using simplistic design. For example, Google uses a white background and simple font. The user trusts the site and is not confused, but rather upon visiting the site knows exactly how to do what it is they want to do: look something up. Google understands their purpose and though they have expanded in various ways (now having Gmail, News, Maps, and Google+) these items do not clutter the home page. Rather, they are strategically placed on a simple tool bar at the top of the page. Google isn’t being lazy with their simple design, they are being smart and it is this intelligence that has made this search engine trusted, loved, and an incredible success. If you want your site to be a success like this follow these simple steps and you should be well on your way.