Data shows consumers less interested in computers

According to trend reports from Google, fewer people are curious about computers these days. In the days of new gagets and gizmos, this factoid seems shocking. But it’s true. According to Google’ search trend data, the line has decreased since 2004 in the number of searches for computer and electronics related terms, e.g. mac, windows, ipod, dell, sony, hp, xbox. Of course, there are some seasonal breaks in this line, but the trend is a downward slop.

computers google

Does this mean people are less interested in the subject or could it mean that we are more educated about these devices and have less of a need to search for information? It could also mean consumers don’t brand shop like they may have previously, so there is less comparative shopping.

Whatever the reason may be, the numbers tell us that the number of people interested in topics related to laptops, desktops and other computer related topics is about half what it was in 2004.