Gmail Outage Disrupts Businesses Monday

For millions of employees and employers Monday morning brought along some additional stress as Gmail experienced a brief outage, causing various businesses emails to become debilitated. Though the disruption affected personal Gmail accounts as well, those most affected were businesses whose workday was disrupted due to such an inconvenience. Google noted this issue as a “global service disruption,” and also advised that Chrome was experiencing crashing in some instances.

Gmail logo

The issue was resolved and Gmail was functioning properly by early Monday afternoon. For many, the outage though short (lasting a mere 10 minutes for some), created a feeling of fear and distrust towards cloud services such as Gmail, Google Apps, and Google Drive. Many of these cloud services are what businesses rely on to help organize projects and allow for tasks to get completed quickly and efficiently.

Various media outlets reported on the incident. However, the site that appeared to create the most buzz around the issue was Twitter. Tweets around the world circulated and served as the voice of frustration surrounding the outage.

As Tuesday came and businesses resumed their normal day-to-day activities employees remained optimistic of Gmail’s functionality, yet uncertain of just how trusting they could be of such a service.