Windows 8 license sales exceed 40 million

WINDOWS 8An announcement at the Credit Suisse Annual Tech Conference in late November drew the interest of many in the IT field. Tami Reller, the Chief Marketing and Financial Officer for windows, announced that license sales for MS Windows 8 OS, now at 40 million in one month, is on track to exceed the previous record set by Windows 7 of 60 million in two months.

The cost of an upgrade license stands at a reasonable $39.99. Many consumers report Windows 8 is easy to understand and, though some report it’s less intuitive, others say it is easy to embrace. Reller also shared that more than 90% of consumers purchasing Windows 8 and Windows RT devices are using Charms, the icons providing search, share, and other basic functions, on day one. The Windows Store is being utilized by more than half of consumers on their first day of use.