2013’s Upcoming Social Media Trends

We all know that the social media world has taken off in recent months. However, since the introduction of the tweet and hashtag there have been various changes and advances in how social media is viewed and used around the world. So what changes and updates will be made to the social media front in 2013? And more importantly, how will they affect your business? Well, the possibilities are endless but below are just a few examples of what is to come.


Social Media Trends


Businesses will use social media comments as legitimate feedback

In the past surveys were the ultimate resources for businesses to use to examine where they stand in the market. However, social media has brought to light a speedier, more honest form of commentary. Tweets, picture uploads, statuses, etc. are proving to give great real-time feedback. Whether positive or negative, these short, straightforward consumer rants have proved time and time again to give honest reviews to employers and consumers alike about a given business or product. In 2013 we are bound to see businesses rely more heavily on these media to help monitor how companies are functioning from a consumer standpoint. Social media will also play a large role in the management of local franchises. Because employers now have the ability to search various trending topics and locations they will be better able to focus on a given branch’s current standing with the public.

Employees will work harder

You’re probably seeing this and thinking, “what does this have to do with social media?” However, we’ve found that workers performance is more steadily becoming affected by the ever-growing social media world. This is because whereas in the past consumers usually had to seek out a manager or call a hotline to complain about a given employee, now a simple tweet or Instagram (or many of the other social media outlets) can spread the word of poor service to millions in a matter of seconds. On the contrary, this can also work to an employee’s advantage as praise can just as quickly spread.

Businesses to take social media experience into consideration when hiring

​In today’s social media driven market it’s imperative that employers hire individuals who are social media savvy. Positions solely designed to manage and operate social media platforms are becoming more and more of a necessity for businesses around the world. Thus, unlike in the past, experience in social media will help a candidate get ahead in the race for employment.