WordPress 3.5.1 Hits the Market

wordpress designWordPress is constantly creating new versions of their CMS to maintain their place as a top ranking website platform. On January 24th, 2013 WordPress announced their newest version, version 3.5.1. Update 3.5.1 focuses on general maintenance, ultimately fixing over 35 issues.

​This update also helps heighten security on the platform that millions use to build their personal and business websites every year. Below is a list of just a few of the resolved bugs and security updates featured in WordPress 3.5.1. For more detailed information about this update please see the official WordPress news page:

  • In past versions server-side request falsification and port scanning (often using pingbacks) were possible. WordPress’s security researchers fixed this issue and removed any potential areas of vulnerability.
  • Cross-site scripting issues were fixed and removed by WordPress’s security team.
  • JavaScript utilized in the admin area of WordPress was updated to ensure that it always works properly.
  • Post updates were made to ensure that given media (videos, photos, etc.) are not deleted once posted.
  • Editor was updated to ensure that aspects of HTML coding are not changed or deleted unexpectedly.
  • Media manager corrections were made to guarantee that there are no longer compatibility and workflow issues.
  • Plugin warnings that appear when a plugin is potentially being misused were updated.