Using YouTube as a web marketing tool: Generate leads for your business


When people find your business because they are searching for your product or service, the ability to make a sale or recruit members is much easier. If you have a small business, you know the importance of gaining these targeted leads. Where is the best place to find targeted leads? The Internet, of course. Search engine technology and search engine optimization, or SEO, utilize keywords to match consumers with your product. Of course, your goal is to get your website on the first page of Google’s results pages. This article will elucidate how you can use YouTube to make that happen.

1. Embed video on your site. There are numerous videos on YouTube, and many are related to your business. Take the time to search for videos that match the theme of your product or service; try “how to” videos or reviews. When you find some that fit, check the permission information for using these videos on your website or landing pages. By using a video in this manner, your conversion rate can jump significantly (reportedly up to ten times).

2. Create your own YouTube page with video. By creating video for your product, you begin your own YouTube page. This is where all your videos will be stored. Place keywords in the title of your video as well as in the tags. When doing this, brainstorm as many terms or phrases as you can think of that people might use in their search. In the description section, you should write about 300 words, making sure to use the title’s keywords in the description at least three times. The first and the last thing you should include is your website address. This will show up as an active hyperlink; visitors who find your YouTube page will then be able to click through to your homepage. In fact, one in five visitors will like your content enough to make the jump to your website in this manner.

3. Link YouTube with your social media pages. Use your social media pages in concert with each other. When visitors are able to find you through these links, you are building brand awareness.

4. Use the flexibility of YouTube to your advantage. Unlike Twitter or Facebook, YouTube allows its users to customize their page. Use this opportunity to tailor your page with background images, buttons, video categories, and order buttons. When used in conjunction with social media, all can be very powerful conversion points.

5. Generate continuous content. If you have the ability to update your YouTube page weekly, you will have a chance at generating a nice following, especially that of a younger demographic. Pay attention to your audience’s interests and respond to their questions, comments and preferences. Like many mediums, you need to keep a close eye on behavior to make this tool perform as you like.