What Are The Causes Of A Decrease In Search Traffic? – PUBLISHED ON LINKEDIN

You might have recently noticed a decline in search traffic to your website over a period of time. Even though you have not done any recent changes to the way you publish your content on your site or the way you handle all of your search engine optimization, the numbers continue to drop. It is time to take a look at the different reasons your search traffic is decreasing.

Five reasons your search traffic is dropping.

  • New competition can be one of the main reasons search traffic decreases. Webmasters and site owners are always taking a look at their site and over analyzing why their site’s stats are dropping. What is overlooked is all of the new sites being built on a daily basis with the same niche. Doing regular assessments and doing site search audits is imperative, and will help a site owner decide what needs to be improved.
  • Content is out of date is another reason for search traffic to drop. Most content will eventually become outdated. The best way to keep your site up to date is to create a new page with content, and link the page to your old content.
  • Shifts in algorithm values can change traffic, but this type of change isn’t your fault. Google and the other search engines are always moving and changing their content around according to frequently searched keywords and terms. One way to make a change in your content or blog is to add a video or info graphic.
  • Black Hat SEO is another huge negative in the world of rankings, but in some cases it can happen without even knowing. It is best to find out where you went wrong, then fix it immediately. Black Hat SEO can push down your site in the search engine rankings every time.
  • Consumers are just not into your content. This can happen, but it’s not the end of the world. The easiest fix for this type of problem is to take a look at your competition’s site. Check out the way their content is displayed. From there you will be able to alter your content for your consumers to enjoy.

Once you make a few changes, you will be able to start keeping track of your search traffic. Be sure to take notes to see what is working, and what might still need alterations.