Meet Benny – The New WordPress 4.0

Rising to prominence as the “King of Swing” in the mid 1930’s, Benny Goodman is one of the most popular bandleaders of all times. WordPress has released WordPress version 4.0, codenamed Benny, in honor of Benny Goodman. From media management to writing and editing enhancements that improve the content management user experience, Benny includes a number of great new features.

Easier Content Creation

One of the first and most welcome additions with Benny is the improvement to the tool bar and publishing options, which remain on screen regardless of how far down you scroll. This makes writing, editing and publishing much quicker and easier, especially when working with long form content.


Improved Media Embedding

Media is an important part of any website, but with previous versions of WordPress media must be added and then previewed or published in order to see the results. Benny changes all that, and now you can see embedded media directly in your post.


Better Plugin Browsing

Plugins are one of the best and easiest ways to extend the functionality of WordPress, yet the process of searching for and through plugins could be difficult. WIth the addition of a plugin browser, Benny now allows you to search through plugins in a simple and visual way, and user reviews are instantly available to help with your plugin decision making process.


Easier Media Handling

Following through with the improved visual process, the media library has also been updated to allow for easy drag and drop, along with an infinite scrolling grid to search and edit your media content. Video and audio files are playable in this view, and a detail view is also available for quickly editing media.


These updates and enhancements, along with hundreds of other improvements, will go a long way to making an easier and more seamless process to create, manage and publish web content.