Kickstarter Simplifies Checkout with New Payment Service

Kickstarter forever changed the way we think about raising money. Starting this month, Kickstarter is changing payment vendors, saying goodbye to Amazon Payments and opting to go with Stripe as their new payment processing service.

Per the Kickstarter blog, Amazon discontinued the payment processing product being used, and Kickstarter reviewed other payment processing options before deciding on Stripe.

While this is good news for Stripe, the change leaves us wondering about the future of Amazon Payments and Paypal, two stable online payment processing services. With new products such as Apple Pay entering the market, is this a sign of the times that Paypal and Amazon Payments will one day go the way of MySpace?

Some of the benefits of Stripe include easier checkout for donors with fewer steps and no website redirect for payment, and project creators do not need to setup an Amazon Payments business account to get started.

Stripe is currently the payment processing system used by Twitter and Facebook, putting Kickstarter in good company.