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AdWords Consultant – Do you need one?

Google AdWords is a pay per click advertising service that lets you create and run ads for your business on the Google network. Your ads are displayed along with search results when your keywords are used in someone’s Google search. They will also appear under ‘Sponsored Links’ in the side column of a search page

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How to run a profitable website

f you’ve ever asked who can a website make money? The answer involved two simple methods, both of which will be discussed in this article. Aligning your site with an affiliate program with a larger retailer or connecting with Pay per Click systems used commonly through Google and other similar website advertisers. Both are viable

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Google Launches Google +1

According to the posting at the independent technology blog, VentureBeat, by Peter Yared, that appeared on March 30th at nytimes.com, “Google: +1 on Search Links, – 1 on Ad Clicks”, Google has launched its ‘+1 social initiative’. Yared comments that the Google +1 implementation, which allows people to recommend individual items within search results, could

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