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Simple Blogging & SEO Tips

In today’s ever-growing digital world blogging in a sense is the new newspaper. Millions of individuals log on every day to their favorite blog sites to answer questions and inform them of the latest news. For all you bloggers out there we understand it’s not uncommon to suffer from writer’s block and find it challenging

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To blog or not to blog? The real question for your e-commerce website

Would you like to increase traffic to your site, communicate with visitors, and reinforce your branding all at the same time? If so, a blog could be your answer. Blogs are valuable for most online businesses, but they are not ideal for every business owner or website manager. How will you know if you’re ready

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Would you pay for Twitter?

A study by the Center for the Digital Future (digitalcenter.org) shows we are not going to pay for use of micro-blogging. They survey 1981 internet users, the study found that about half of them use micro-blogging such as Twitter. The survey also finds that nobody would be willing to pay for it.

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Web is dominated by young adults

According to the latest study from BlogHer andiVillage, young adults (ages 18-25) are the top group in reading and writing blogs. Nearly one-third reporting read web blogs and over 40% blogging themselves. 12.8% of web bloggers are seniors.

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