To blog or not to blog? The real question for your e-commerce website

Would you like to increase traffic to your site, communicate with visitors, and reinforce your branding all at the same time? If so, a blog could be your answer. Blogs are valuable for most online businesses, but they are not ideal for every business owner or website manager. How will you know if you’re ready for all that a blog entails? This article will give you that answer in the form of blog pros and cons.

Blogging Pros

1) Increases SEO
If you desire for search engines to include you in their list of favored websites, you must provide a good amount of content, especially content that is updated regularly.

2) Increases credibility
When you take the time to create content that shows knowledge of your industry, potential clients or customers will gain the impression of your authenticity and the credibility of your business.

3) Increase traffic
Blog posts are generally short and thus can be shared easily through social media tools. This frequent occurrence of your site’s content provides an SEO boost to your e-commerce website, which generates more traffic.

4) Free
If you already have an e-commerce website, the addition of a blog can be cost- free. Most blogging platforms are free for you to host on your own servers. It’s a good idea to employ a website designer to streamline the look of your site and blog, especially if you do not have basic HTML or php knowledge.

Blogging Cons

1) Limited or no time/ resources
Notice pro item number 2 above. This same reasoning applies in reverse form. If you cannot invest the time to maintain a blog, your business will appear defunct or out of touch. Either impression is obviously not one you want to convey to potential clients. How much is enough? Posting once a week, or even once a month, is generally acceptable. If you cannot commit to at least this frequency, it is best to wait on a blog until you have the necessary time or resources.

2) Nothing to Say
Do you want the traffic and increased SEO, but lack the ideas for content? If so, it’s best to hold off on the addition of a blog to your site. Potential clients are not looking to read your memoir in blog form. Rather, your blog should include valuable information about your company or industry. Still don’t have any idea leads? Check out your competitor’s sites or other blogs in the industry.

The good news is that even if you lack the time or ideas, there are professional writers who will take on your blog for as little as $10 a post. Price generally depends on the technicality of your desired content and the experience level of the blogger.

Blogs can require a significant investment of both time and resources for some businesses to keep up-to-date and maintain.