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To blog or not to blog? The real question for your e-commerce website

Would you like to increase traffic to your site, communicate with visitors, and reinforce your branding all at the same time? If so, a blog could be your answer. Blogs are valuable for most online businesses, but they are not ideal for every business owner or website manager. How will you know if you’re ready

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Should my business website have a blog component?

If you’ve not started a company blog because you’re unsure of a blog’s benefits, this article will elucidate the topic, giving you five reasons to begin your blog. Take the following quick quiz, answering only yes or no. 1. Do you want your business website to help you reach out to current and potential clients?

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Chrome’s second anniversary

Chrome’s first beta launch for Windows took place two years ago. As Google Blog inform – in August 2008, JavaScript was 10 times slower, HTML5 support wasn?t yet an essential feature in browsers, and the idea of a sandboxed, multi-process browser was only a research project. Chrome just like all browsers have come a long

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Would you pay for Twitter?

A study by the Center for the Digital Future (digitalcenter.org) shows we are not going to pay for use of micro-blogging. They survey 1981 internet users, the study found that about half of them use micro-blogging such as Twitter. The survey also finds that nobody would be willing to pay for it.

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Web is dominated by young adults

According to the latest study from BlogHer andiVillage, young adults (ages 18-25) are the top group in reading and writing blogs. Nearly one-third reporting read web blogs and over 40% blogging themselves. 12.8% of web bloggers are seniors.

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WordPress 3 is due in early May

WordPress (blogging platform) is about to get another update version 3.0, which is due in early May. Version 3.0 of WordPress is in the beta release stage. It is scheduled for final release in May 2010. Below is the list of some of the enhancements and fixes which WordPress 3 will bring. New menu management

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Browsers war on my PC

I have switched from WindowsXP to Windows 7. So far, so good, better that Windows Visa. Anyway, as a web developer I have to have all possible browsers on my computer, so I can check cross browser compatibility for websites I develop. I installed all of them (IE8, Opera, Firefox, Safari, Chrome) and I just

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Google in Africa

Google constantly expands its online maps service. The Google Africa blog announced that the company is launching Maps domains for 30 countries across Africa. “Google Maps users can now find local businesses. This could be a burger place in Lagos, a garage in Kampala, a hairdresser in Accra or an airport shuttle in Dakar,” –

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Google Buzz

Google announced its new service called Buzz, which will compete with Facebook and Twitter. “Today, with Google Buzz, we’re introducing a new way to share and communicate inside of Gmail. Buzz is like an entirely new world inside of Gmail,” said Todd Jackson, Google Buzz product manager. Try live blogging with Google Buzz and read

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