Should my business website have a blog component?

If you’ve not started a company blog because you’re unsure of a blog’s benefits, this article will elucidate the topic, giving you five reasons to begin your blog.

Take the following quick quiz, answering only yes or no.

1. Do you want your business website to help you reach out to current and potential clients?
2. Do you want to be established as a subject-matter expert in your field?
3. Do you seek free publicity through search engine results?
4. Do you want to bring more web traffic to your website?

If you answered yes to many of these questions, the answer to the title question should be clear.

1. The customer connection
A blog is a great way to connect with your clients or customers while keeping them updated on your business and current trends in your field. For example, when your business launches a new product or begins a new feature, a blog post will communicate to your customers the answers to any questions they may have. Writing a blog can also provide a personal connection if some of the posts contain stories from within your company. Are there promotions or success stories to publish? This personal touch can help customers understand your company better.

2. The team talks
A blog is especially helpful in the case of a large company. In this case, a blog can be a vehicle for keeping your staff updated. Training schedules and internal company news can be released through an internal blog post. Enabling comments on your blog also opens a forum for discussion that can get confusing if email is used for communication. Rather than “reply to all,” your staff can simply comment on the blog and their thoughts are displayed in an easy to read format for the group. Remember though, it’s important to ensure separation of the internal blog posts and the external, or public, posts.

3. From traffic to transactions
If your public blog includes topics of interest within your field, those visiting your blog are likely to visit your ‘product page’ or your ‘about us’ page. Corporate blogs created as links from your business site can contribute to increased web traffic. This increased web traffic is likely to increase sales probability. Therefore, a relatively cheap (free if you do it yourself) blog can have a direct impact on sales.

4. Quality Content = Credible Company
The way most people will reach your site is through a search engine. Therefore, if you can increase your search engine ranking, your business will receive more web traffic. Using your blog to offer industry tips and solutions to your potential customers will help create a reputation for your business as a quality source of information, thus increasing your credibility.

5. The social spectrum
As you work to get your business name known, it’s understood that social media has a place in advertising. A blog is a valuable tool that you can use in conjunction with your social media campaign. You will be blogging about the topics of interest to your followers, or circle of friends, thus initiating a conversation with current and potential clients. Others will find you just by keeping up with what their “friends” are talking about. Your job is to make sure their talking about your business! Your company blog is the vehicle to make this happen.