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How can Google’s +1 benefit your website?

How to add +1 to your pages, and how that may help your site? Should you add this feature to your website? We have answers. If you are familiar with the Facebook like button, you’ll get this concept rather quickly. Once the +1 is clicked, Google’s feature not only shares content within a user’s network,

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Google Adds to Their Empire: Google Plus

Recently Google has added to their ever expanding internet empire with their new social networking site, Google Plus. Google Plus is said to be everything that Facebook isn’t. The most talked about feature is the Google Plus Circles. You can post updates, videos, and pictures to a certain “circle” of friends, or to everyone. This

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Google Plus App for iPhone

Google Plus has been available on the Android marketplace since launch of this Social Networking Site. Today Apple has finally approved the native Google+ app for iOS devices. The Google Plus app is free and it is compatible only with iPhones (iPad version is not ready yet).

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Google+ user base seeing pink

Google+, an upcoming social network, has women catching up with their male counterparts. The percentage of women users registering jumped from 23% on July 4th to 33% on July 14th. It is predicted by Paul Allen, founder of Ancestry.com, that Google+’s female population may surpass that of business social network LinkedIn come August. LinkedIn’s staistics,

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