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IBM to purchase DemandTec

I.B.M. reported this week that they will purchase DemandTec, a web-based enterprise software company, for $440 million. Reasoning for this purchase is likely DemandTec’s standing with both cloud based services and data analytics. Craig Hayman, an I.B.M. general manager, commented, “The combination of DemandTec and I.B.M. will help marketing and sales executives in retail and

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5.2 GHz chip from IBM

IBM’s newest chip has 5.2 GHz clock, and it is one of the highest speed ratings. The new chip will go into Big Blue’s fastest mainframe computers. The new 5.2GHz z196 processor is created mainly for businesses managing huge workloads, such as banks.

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Oracle cuts jobs

Oracle is making job cuts (mainly in Europe and Asia) related to its acquisition of Sun Microsystems. When acquisition took place in 2009 , Sun announced plans to lay off 3,000 workers, or about 10 percent of its workforce. Right now we do not know how many jobs it plans to cut. An Oracle said

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I.B.M. Buys Sterling Commerce unit of AT&T

I.B.M. Buys an AT&T Business Software Unit for $1.4 billion, Sterling Commerce unit of AT&T makes software that helps businesses buy and sell to each other

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World’s Fastest Graphene Transistor from IBM

IBM has created a graphene-based processor. It can execute 100 billion cycles per second (100GHz). It is four times the speed of previous experimental graphene chips. “That makes graphene a promising material for high-speed or high-frequency electronic components,” Lin (the IBM researcher who led the work) said.

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