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Increasing Smart Phone And Tablet Traffic

Monetate, a leader in marketing and website optimization solutions provider recently released a report about social commerce trends. US Military and online shoppers are showing a very strong usage of mobile devices, rather than social media on the Internet.

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Apple Changes iPad Prices

Since the iPad was introduced by Apple on January 27, Apple shares are down about 5.5%. There are signs that if demand on iPad will not be satisfied for Apple, the company is considering lowering prices.

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Confusing name of iPad tablet

Apple is facing a lot of troubles after the iPad announcement on Wednesday. Many people are saying the name iPad is too much associate with feminine hygiene products (“iTampon” became one of the most popular trending topics on Twitter). Natives from Boston to Ireland complain that iPad and iPod (Apple’s music player) in their regional

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Apple’s iPad Tablet

Steven P. Jobs has introduced Apple’s new device – a tablet computer, called the iPad. The price of the iPad will be $499 for the basic model (with a Wi-Fi wireless connection), and around $800 for expensive models (more memory and 3G wireless access from AT&T). The iPad is half-inch thick, it weighs 1.5-pound, it

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