Increasing Smart Phone And Tablet Traffic

Monetate, a leader in marketing and website optimization solutions provider recently released a report about social commerce trends. US Military and online shoppers are showing a very strong usage of mobile devices, rather than social media on the Internet.

social media ecommerce traffic

Here are statistics from the E-Commerce quarterly report.

  • Over 500 million online shopping experiences reveal that social media is actually lagging, despite all of the large investment brands backing the experience. Only 1.55 percent of E-Commerce traffic is from social media, and social media traffic is even behind email (2.82%).
  • Social media traffic number from 2012 are down even lower from the previous year, which means where is all this E-Commerce traffic going and coming from?
  • Mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets are taking over all of the E-Commerce traffic. With a whopping 21.02 percent in traffic, smart phones and tablets are becoming a huge market for those who like to keep up with the latest in technology.
  • Another wonderful fact about E-Commerce traffic is an increase in the US Military. The data also reveals that the military personnel conversion rates are at 5.15 percent, 4.3 percent in Europe, and 3.57 percent in Asia.

The challenges of a fast growing E-Commerce market where companies are going to face obstacles and opportunities to develop even better is rapid approaching. Social media is being analyzed for a method to “crack the code” so to speak that will leverage social media into driving more traffic. Social media plays a huge fact in E-Commerce traffic, but at what cost will test the loyalty of the major brands?