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Increasing Smart Phone And Tablet Traffic

Monetate, a leader in marketing and website optimization solutions provider recently released a report about social commerce trends. US Military and online shoppers are showing a very strong usage of mobile devices, rather than social media on the Internet.

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10 strategies to increase website traffic

You’ve created your website, and it’s beautiful. You’ve posted it on Facebook, tweeted it to all your followers, emailed your contact list, and called every family member. Now, you’re sitting back waiting for the stats to show millions of page views. But, it’s not happening. Why not? Are you promoting your website in the best

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Web traffic truths: a warning on traffic scams

You want more traffic to your website, right? Offers to increase your website traffic may seem like pennies to pay, but be cautious. You could be victim to a web traffic scam. Website traffic services ask you to pay a fee, such as $20/ month, and in return you are promised a guaranteed increase in

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Google represents 6.4% of all Internet traffic

According to the newest data from a network security firm Arbor Networks “Google now represents an average 6.4% of all Internet traffic around the world.”. It includes all websites owned by Google: Google.com, YouTube.com, GMail, Google Maps, Google Docs etc.

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Digg redesign and its traffic

It looks like the launch of Digg’s redesign which took place few weeks ago have a bad impact on the website traffic. During its glory days, Digg had over 40 million unique visitors monthly. Since the launch of the new design, Digg’s traffic is falling, and we can see now that US traffic has declined

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Google, Facebook, then Yahoo

New data released by web analytics firm Compete.com shows that Facebook is the second most visited website in U.S. Google is still number one, third place belongs to Yahoo. Facebook’s traffic rose in January 2010 to 133.62 million visitors, Yahoo shrunk down to 132.00 million. Google’s US traffic grew by over 1 million visitors between

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